The Greatest London Food Tour: Southwark & Borough Market

London, UK
3 Hours
Food Tour


Not only is Borough Market the most exciting place to eat in Britain, but it's also the centre of Southwark and has been a culinary destination for over a millennium. As you meet the proud locals who make it all possible, this Borough Market food tour will demonstrate to you just how interesting and varied British cuisine can be. You'll take the most delicious path possible through a section of the city that has always had food at its core, stopping at everything from traditional street food at a centuries-old family business to London's most Instagrammed sweet treat at a trendy dessert shop.


  1. Savour a full lunch consisting of seven cuisine tastes and one drink from six local Southwark and Borough Market establishments.
  2. Experience award-winning fish and chips at a family-owned restaurant and discover the unexpected foreign origins of this now-iconic British dish!
  3. Discover how the storied Borough Market has changed over the ages to become the thriving, sustainable community centre that it is today as you explore it through food.
  4. In the most historically significant area of London, learn how history and gastronomy have influenced one another for over a millennium.
  5. Enter a hidden bar and try port, made by a family-owned business, which goes well with a variety of British cheeses.


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